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Occasionally our phones are down due to an AT&T outage. 
Should you be unable to reach us, please call our Pet Taxi phone at(205) 369-6770
If phone lines are down, our internet is usually still available and you can send online reservations to us or send an email to us

      World Class Kennels has been providing the ultimate in pet boarding since 2002.  Our kennels are the largest in the area and offer automatic water bowls for a constant supply of water.   Kennel walls are concrete block which provides your pets the most privacy.  We offer the following:
         Indoor/Outdoor kennels that are 100 sq ft. 
           VIP (Indoor Only) kennels are 50 sq ft.  
         Senior Retreat kennels offer a more peaceful area
          for those elderly or nervous dogs are 25 sq ft.
Our 3-story Kitty Condos provide plenty of area for our feline friends to roam around. 
      Our facility is climate-controlled for your pets comfort.  Our eleven play yards provide space for your pets to get fresh air and exercise.  All dogs are taken to the play yards 3 times each day.  Additional "OOO" play times are available. (See Boarding - Additional Fees)
 (Must be current through dates boarding)
Dogs - Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella
Cats -  Rabies, FVRCP
Have your vet fax your pets vaccinations records to us at  866.383.7387.
Stop by anytime during office hours Monday - Saturday for a tour.  If your dogs are up-to-date on all required vaccines, bring them too!  We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your pets and show you around our facility.
Thanks for stopping by!!  
48 Hour Minimum Cancellation Notice required to avoid cancellation fees.
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