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Holidays - Check in & Check out Times
Your Dog's Eating Habits
Reservations & Cancellations
Old Pets & Boarding
Halloween - Time for Fun but be careful!!


Reservations / Cancellations
Vaccines for Pets
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Holidays - Check in & Check out Times

The Holidays are very busy for us at World Class Kennels.  During those times we have to adjust our check-in and check-out times.  This is done so we can accommodate all our clients.  We ask that those departing the day before a holiday or the day after depart as
early in the day as possible.  Usually our check in/out time is before 12 noon on those days.  If you are departing the day after a holiday and your pet is being bathed, he/she will be moved to the grooming room and placed in a different kennel once the service has been rendered.

Your Dog's Eating Habits

When pets are boarded (especially the first time they board) they don't eat the way they do when they are home in their usual environment.  When boarding they are naturally a bit nervous; being in a strange place with more dogs than most have ever seen, and being handled by people they don't know it is understandable that they do not want to eat.  When they are boarding with us at World Class Kennels the amount of food we are instructed to feed is typically put down for them to eat.

Reservations & Cancellations

Our facility is usually filled to capacity during any Holiday.  That means having more employees to take care of the pets that are here.  I am amazed at the number of people who don't feel the need to call and cancel their reservations when their plans change.  I am amazed at the number of people who think calling to cancel on the day they are scheduled to arrive is okay. It amazes me the total lack of consideration that people have for the people they do business with.

Old Pets & Boarding

This is a tough topic for me but it is something I think should be discussed:
My pet is getting old and its health is going downhill despite all my efforts to provide food, medicine and veterinary care.  What are the effects of boarding my pet with health issues that are deteriorating?  What happens when my pet  passes while being boarded?
It is tough to have an elderly pet.  I have 4 that are getting old and do not look forward to the time when their health starts to decline.

Halloween - Time for Fun but be careful!!

It is a great time of year isn't it.  The seasons are changing, weather is getting cooler and Halloween will soon be here.  Time to dress up our pets and take them out for a stroll.  If you are dressing your pets for Halloween send us a picture.  We'd love to post this to our website.  Just email the picture towckpets@wckpets.com.  
It is fun to dress our pets, but we must do so with caution.  Consider the following when choosing your costume:
        Are there buttons and things that my pet can possibly chew off and ingest?

Puppy Requirements for Boarding

In order to board at World Class Kennels, puppies must have had all their Distemper-Parvo vaccines and their bordetella vaccines (2).  Most vets have given the series of 4 (DHLPP) shots by the time the puppies are 3-4 months old.  During that time they should have had at least one or two Bordetella Vaccines (one vaccine and one booster).  Some vets do not give a rabies vaccine until the dogs are at least 4 months old.  I am mostly concerned with the DHLPP and BORDETELLA vaccines.

Hot Hot Weather - What are you doing to keep your pets Cool?

Wow!! Can you believe this heat?  I don't remember any summer as hot and humid as this one has been and it seems we can look forward to more of these hot days.  When the weather is this hot, we get the dogs out early for their morning turns in the play yards.  Once it gets really hot they are closed inside and stay cool in the air conditioning.  We know that many of the dogs like the bulldogs and little flat-faced dogs don't do well in extreme heat so we don't take them out during the heat of the day.

Invitation To Tour Our Facility

Have you ever been to a boarding kennel that wouldn't allow you to see where your pet will be boarded?  I guess the first thing I would ask is why not?  My second thought would be "What do they have to hide?"  
At World Class Kennels we encourage you to bring your dogs (as long as they are up to date on all required vaccinations) and walk around, get familiar with our facility, and talk to our staff.  We feel it is important for you to know where your pets will be living while in our care.

Welcome !!

Welcome to the World Class Kennels Blog.  We look forward to communicating with clients and potential clients.  Take a look around the website and offer any suggestions you might have for improving our services and our facility.  Since we have the capability now of making changes without having to rely on someone else, we'll be able to keep you up to date on what is happening here and any changes to policies & procedures.  
We look forward to hearing from you.
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